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Announcement on the Revision of Suspension Rules

In order to adapt to the changing of the securities market, after extensive market survey and upon examination by the committee of index experts, CSI decides to revise the suspension rules as follows:

For old constituents in periodical review:

Constituents that have been suspended for more than 25 trading days and have not resumed trading as of the deadline of data used for constituents eligibility review, if listed on the candidate deletion list, will be classified as priority deletion stocks in principle.

CSI should report the name list of constituents that have been suspended close to 25 trading days as of the deadline of data used for constituents eligibility review to the index advisory committee. The committee will discuss and decide whether they should be classified as candidate deletion stocks.

If the delete stocks are under suspension and the reason for the suspension is significant negative event, then the constituent will be deleted from the indexes at the price of 0.00001 Yuan. In the event that such securities under long suspension resume trading at least one trading day prior to the effective date, then CSI will amend the deletion price to market price and release announcements. Under other conditions, suspended old constituent will be deleted from the indexes at its closing market price before suspension.

For non-constituents in periodical review:

Stocks that are under suspension and without clear expectation about trading resumption on the date of the index expert committee meeting will not be able to be selected as candidate new additions in principle.

Stocks that have been suspended for 25 trading days during the data period used for constituents review can be included in the index only if they have been resumed trading for 3 months except in special circumstances approved by the Index Advisory Committee.

For new additions suspended between the announcement date and the effective date of the periodical review, CSI will decide whether to adjust the addition or not.

The adjusted rules will be effective on the 2st periodic review of 2019(Dec 16).


China Securities Index Company

June 12, 2019